Hailing from England, Canada, and the United States, Crowfoot is a trio of acoustic musicians who love to create new music inspired by their collective cultural roots. While drawing on deep traditions, their music is always in the moment and alive.

Crowfoot’s acoustic palette is wide, interweaving flute, fiddle, guitar, accordion and piano. The group has garnered praise for their subtle interplay and well crafted arrangements, and also for their capacity to play all night long for dancers, who are transported by the band’s timeless and hypnotic grooves.

All three band members compose, and they have published a tunebook of their original material, as recorded on their various albums. Adam, Jaige, and Nicholas originally met at a festival in Boston in 2003, and have since toured across the United States, Canada and England, and as far afield as Hawaii and Tasmania.

“You can hear the wood singing in their instruments”
– Gilles Garand, Festival Director,
La Grande Rencontre, Montréal Québec


Nicholas Williams – Vocals, Piano, Accordion, Flutes
Jaige Trudel – Vocals, Cello, Fiddle
Adam Broome – Vocals, Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin


Nadajai (2005)
As the Crow Flies (2006)
Footpath (2008)
Ten Waltzes (2014)